We’re an Archeage guild on the European server ‘Anthalon’, we welcome players of all abilities and all backgrounds. We actively participate in faction events, along side our own guild-organised activities. Speak to one of our officers in game, or contact us through one of our sites, and we’ll happily get you invested into the circle! Happy Gaming!

Make sure to check out our ‘Latest News‘ page for our most recent guild activity!

Staying Up To Date!

The best way to stay up to date with what we do is to join our Facebook group, there we post the most recent happenings within Circles, as well as keeping people informed with our group messages for upcoming events and information.

We post to this website as frequently as possible, spotlighting recent news and activities from in game in our Blog posts, with reminders for upcoming events on our home page.

Alongside Facebook, we also have a long standing Forum as well as a Twitter account, jam packed full of useful recent and archived information.

Make sure you have us Favorited, as this is the centre to all things Circle of Shadows.