Guild Rules

  1. The only requirement to join Circles is to have a gear score higher than the soulforged set (>4000). A reference from any previous guilds is preferable, but we wish to speak with applicants on our Teamspeak (, reference or not, before we accept new players, just so we can get to know what sort of person you are.
  2. Due to Circles being a worldwide guild, we expect you to speak or at least understand and be able to reply in English.
  3. Being in our Teamspeak channel is Mandatory during events and raids. You don’t have to speak if you’re not comfortable, but we expect you to at least listen. It’s the best communication tool when it comes to large events where communication is vital, so naturally being absent runs you the risk of being removed from the raid.
  4. We ask that you do not attempt to represent Circle of Shadows with any personal opinions, or post replies to any questions online or in public forums on our behalf, to avoid any miscommunication with other players.
  5. By joining the Circle of Shadows community we wish for you to treat any other with the same respect as you would like to receive. We like to help each other, and as such we expect you to lend a hand from time to time. Any discrimination or abuse toward guild mates will not be tolerated.
  6. As part of wearing the Circle of Shadows name, we wish for you to be respectful to our faction. We wish you to avoid killing, stealing from or cheating any players, circle of shadows or not, unless instructed otherwise.
  7. Any issues with other guild members should be resolved in private, and if not, it should be brought to the the attention of Circle of Shadows management who will try to diffuse the situation.

Our members are humans, we actively look to strengthen our community and have the best fun possible, so we employ a strike system.

By not adhering to our rules we will issue one strike as a warning, followed by a second for re-offending. If a second strike is issued, the player will be brought to a meeting with guild management to discuss whether they still deserve their position in our Circle.

Most importantly we’re here to enjoy ourselves, and so long as you follow the rules above we hope you have a great time, and that you enjoy being part of our Circle of Shadows.